Here you can read about our camping


On our camping site you can choose to camp with a tent, caravan or a motorcaravan. All camping pitches are situated in beautiful surroundings close to the beach. We have more than 400 camp pitches with electricity and over 50 camp pitches without electricity. We also offer two areas with free placement of approximately 120 vehicles, all without electricity. Showers for all pitches are available free of charge.
We also offer quickstop pitches for those who want a short stay between 6 pm - 10 am. All quickstop pitches have electricity and access to the service buildings.

Stay at the campsite on your terms

The cost of SEK includes access to showers. You can also stay per month, which also is a popular option. Despite the different prices per month as shown below, they do not apply for calender months. A camping month is 30 days and you are welcome to arrive at any time during the summer. We simply re-calculate the price per month to a price per day, so for example, you can stay half of June, and half of July, and still benefit from the monthly pricing. Notice that you pay full price for days after the 30 included in the monthprice.

Many of our guests are long-term guests and stay the entire summer at the camping. The season spans from the end of April til mid-September.

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How much is it?

Camp site: 220-290 SEK/day, peak season 10/6 - 21/8
Electricity: 50 SEK/day

Midsummer (18-21/6): 370 SEK/day including electricity 
Season: 13.500 SEK +500 SEK for beach pitch 
Power consumption: 2016 charged electricity with 1.80 SEK / kWh

Quickstop: 180 SEK arrive after 6 pm and leave before 10 am the day after.